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                                  關於2012 Workshop on Control of Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems 的公告

                                  作者:模式識別與智能系統 | | 發佈日期:2012-05-23
                                  2012 Workshop on Distributed Coordinated Control of Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems
                                  Dates:  July 21-22, 2012
                                  Location: Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
                                  The 2012 Workshop on Distributed Coordinated Control of Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems will be held on July 21-22 2012, at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China. The workshop will provide a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing frontiers and emerging advances related to Distributed Coordinated Control of Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers and students who are working on or are interested in exploring novel approaches and innovative applications of multi-agent systems, facilitating personal interactions and discussions on various aspects of multi-agent systems. Flocking, formation, swarming, consensus, and communication of MAS are all within the scope of the workshop.
                                  The workshop is free of charge and open for everyone interested. You and your colleagues are all warmly welcomed. Free lunch is provided all participants. We are looking forward to your attendance and will appreciate it if you could circulate this message to your members.
                                  Day 1:  Saturday  July 21
                                  8:30-8:45   Jie Chen   (Beijing Institute of Technology)
                                  8:45-9:45 Ben M ChenNational University of Singapore
                                   “Introduction to USA DARPA UAV Forge Challenge and to Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems”
                                  9:45-10:45 Lihua Xie (Nanyang Technological University)
                                  “Communication constrained distributed multi-agent cooperation”
                                      Tea Break
                                  11:00-12:00    Yiguang Hong  (Institute of Systems Science, AMSS)
                                     “New results on coordination control of multi-agent systems”
                                  13:30-14:30    Jie Huang Chinese University of Hong Kong
                                      “Cooperative output regulation of multi-agent systems”
                                  14:30-15:30    Gary Feng (City University of Hong Kong)
                                  “Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems Based on Distributed Adaptive Dynamic State Feedback”
                                  Tea Break
                                  15:45-16:45 Daizhan Cheng  (Institute of Systems Science, AMSS)
                                  “Evolutionary Games on Multi-agent Systems”
                                  16:45-17:45  Zhong-Ping Jiang  (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)
                                  “Controlling Multi-Agents: From Lyapunov to Cyclic-Small-Gain Methods”
                                  Day 2:  Sunday  July 22
                                  8:30-9:30 Zongli Lin  (Univ. of Virginia)
                                  “On Global Consensus of Linear Multi-agent Systems Subject to Input Saturation”
                                  9:30-10:30 Dongbing Gu ( University of Essex )
                                  “Probabilistic Approach to Spatio-Temporal Modeling with Mobile Sensor Networks”
                                  Tea Break
                                  10:45-11:45  Wei Ren  (University of California, Riverside)
                                  “Distributed Control of Networked Multi-vehicle Systems: Algorithms and Applications”
                                  11:45-12:00 Jie Chen (Beijing Institute of Technology)
                                  Closing and evaluation
                                  Free discussion seminar
                                  Prof: Jie Chen (陳杰), School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.
                                  Prof: Wei Ren (任偉), Department of Electrical Engineering,University of California, Riverside.
                                  Contact: Workshop Secretariat
                                  Prof:  Hao Fang (方浩)      010-68912463 / 13126693283   fangh@bit.edu.cn
                                  Prof:  Zhihong Peng (彭志紅)010-68912464                peng@bit.edu.cn
                                  Prof:Jian Sun (孫健)       010-68912464               sunjian@bit.edu.cn
                                    Mr. Bin Xin (辛斌)          010-68912463                brucebin@bit.edu.cn
                                  Location :
                                  Room 101  ,Postgraduate Building ,Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China (十大网赌网址理工大學研究生樓101教室,免費提供午餐)